It is crucial that you read this guide before entering the Bookmarks 2018. Even if you have read it before, please read it again.

Rule 1)

Entries may be submitted into any category, and into multiple categories. However the Bookmarks Jury President reserves the right to remove or reassign entries that are not relevant to the original category entered.

Rule 2)

Entries must have appeared online during the period 26 November 2016 – 3 November 2017.

Rule 3)

Entry deadline is 17 November 2017.

Rule 4)

Entries (in particular platforms, publications and apps) from previous years may be re-entered into categories where re-entries are explicitly allowed. Where required, entrants must motivate for what has changed in the work since the last time it was entered. Work deemed to be too similar to previously entered versions may be removed from judging.

Rule 5)

Work entered must have been developed for a South African audience; or by a South African agency for an international audience.

Rule 6)

A “One Pager” must be submitted with all entries, and entries which do not include this may be disqualified. Please see the “One Pager” guidelines below.

Rule 7)

The Bookmarks Jury President reserves the right to cancel a category and refund the entry fees if a suitable number of entries is not received or the entries are not of sufficient quality.